Price: 800+

Heads include stationary jaw, 2D or 3D follow me eyes, and options for glasses space or fan space. Fan not included. Prices grow with added parts and fur colors. 


Price: 1000+

Partials include handpaws, feetpaws, head, and tail. 


-Small (less than 1ft long): 50+

-Medium (fox or wolf like tail, not dragging): 75+

-Large (dragging, more than 3 ft): 150+

-Complex (Mouth tail, Spikes, or extra large): 200+

Hand Paws

- 4 finger paw pads: 100+


-Claws range from extra $15-50 depending on style and size. All claws are DVC resin based. 

-Hooves or anything different will be discussed in quote. 

Feet paws

Currently NOT TAKING individual feet paw sales. 

((( Just not very good at them yet and needing more practice :- )

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